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detected scams

Trusted distribution channels

Trusted certificates
  • Issuer: Common Name: James Fenn, Organizational Unit:, Organization:, Locality: Pittsburgh, State/Province: PA, Country: US
  • MD5: ec19b2b1974a7dfcd3216a19e87bbe7c
  • SHA1: 7458a2d5d4c76ea07f36421fe39fb2e5b5a4a5e5
  • SHA256: c9768ecec38e29de194a6562441c280b4740fbc2dbf9453485a0e60d59367f39
Trusted certificates
  • Issuer: Common Name: FDroid, Organizational Unit: FDroid, Organization:, Locality: ORG, State/Province: ORG, Country: UK
  • MD5: cbea18ab0fb37773533db0f18ca8d23a
  • SHA1: bf548ae93332fcba0142db87e69322605d692d8b
  • SHA256: aeaad6823d325f3b3e7db43b1240134bc0413057f992dbd915d9bd22b9bb3ab0

Detected scams

Malware/Scam Package
Alarmio - me.jfenn.alarmio
  • Version: 1.0.3 (19)
  • SHA256: 4bac8924ad640810a0f013551cf222cd2e1270db417f95d0bda1c3c33a00cf57
  • Issuer: C=FR, ST=Paris, L=Paris, O=FusionParty, OU=FS, CN=Fusion
  • MD5: 9f5001b61a9ed4b6e7894142618c2970

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